How to choose the correct nappy size

little baby brother

Many new parents get very confused when it comes to choosing the right nappy size for their baby. Why doesn't someone just make a magical 'one-size-fits-all' version? Mmm... interesting idea, but unfortunately it doesn't quite work like that. 

A properly fitting nappy is important to ensure your baby stays comfortable (just imaging how annoying it would be if you had to wear the wrong sized underpants for the whole day... ouch!). The correct nappy size also significantly reduces the risk of any messy leakages.

Luckily for busy parents, GOO.N, Merries and Moony have a very simple nappy sizing system.

     -  Newborn:  Up to 5 kg  (11 lb)

     -  Small:  4 - 8 kg  (9 - 18 lb)

     -  Medium:  6 - 11 kg  (13 - 24 lb)

     -  Large:  9 - 14 kg  (20 - 31 lb)

     -  X Large:  12 - 20 kg  (27 - 44 lb)

In our experience, the weight indications shown on the packaging are a good starting point for happy nappy selection. However, they don’t take into account your baby's unique body contour or level of activity. That’s why the weight ranges overlap between the sizes.

As a general rule of thumb, once your baby reaches the weight indicated at the bottom end of the range (e.g. 6 kg for medium) they should be ready to move up to that size. If the nappy turns outs to be too big, you can always go back down a size and save the new ones for when your baby grows into them - you'll be surprised how quickly that happens!