Maybe it's time to switch to nappy pants

Smiling baby on bed

Most parents prefer traditional sticky tab nappies to start with because they're easier to put on newborns. The adjustable tabs allow for flexible sizing, ensuring the nappy is snug enough to prevent leakages, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. (By the way, GOO.N, Merries and Moony nappies have re-adhesive tabs that can be peeled off and re-attached multiple times so you can check for 'false alarms')

Your baby's first few months will fly by pretty quickly. Before you know it, your little bundle of joy will be rolling everywhere, eager to take advantage of their new found freedom... especially when it comes time for a nappy change.

You'll have to develop ninja skills to adjust the nappy tabs properly in between your baby's acrobatics displays...  or you can just move on to nappy pants.

Merries nappy pants have elastic sides so they can be slipped on quickly while your baby is squirming or trying to roll away. Once the nappy pants have done their job, the elastic sides tear off easily for convenient disposal.

So, if you've got a superbaby that's growing up way too fast and you're struggling to get those sticky tabs in place, then maybe it's time to give nappy pants a try!