Why it's smart to buy nappies in bulk

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What's your worst nightmare? Did I hear you say a 'zombie attack'? I suppose that's pretty scary, but it's nothing compared to running out of baby nappies at 2am in the morning. Yikes!

Babies go through nappies faster than a weightlifter quaffing down food at an all-you-can-eat buffet, so you should always make sure you have a stockpile ready.

Newborns use 10-12 nappies every day. That means you could easily go through a pack of 90 in a little over a week. Throw in a few accidents here and there (especially during change time) and your pile of fresh nappies will disappear even quicker.

An average baby will typically stay on the newborn size for around 8 weeks, so we recommend new parents order a carton (3 or 4 packs) to start with. Then depending on how you go, order another carton when you're running low.

Most babies start on the small size at 2 months - that's when they usually have their first growth spurt. The really hungry babies sometimes grow out of small and move onto medium size within a month, so just stick to 4 packs of small to begin with.

Mediums tend to be needed a little longer as babies generally don't exceed 10 kg in the first 6 months (but if your baby does, well done!). Around this period, babies start to require less frequent feeding and sleep a bit more (fingers crossed). With that comes less overnight changes, which means that nappy usage drops to 6-8 nappies a day. You should be safe buying 4 packets of mediums at a time.

As your baby starts to move around more after the 6 month mark, they will burn through a lot of calories. This means they are likely to stay on the large size for the longest period. You can order 8 packets of large size nappies at a time without having to worry about your baby outgrowing them.

So there you have it - you're going to need a lot of nappies in the coming months. Don't waste your precious time pushing a heavy trolley-load of nappies around the supermarket. Order your nappies in bulk from Superbaby Japan instead. We'll take the hassle out of nappy shopping and deliver direct to your door.