Your baby deserves to be comfortable too!

comfortable baby resting on mum

What's the key thing parents should look for in a baby nappy? If you're like 95% of the population, you're probably thinking 'absorbency'. Solid response, but unfortunately you only get partial credit for that answer.

At the end of the day, what's most important when choosing a nappy is how comfortable your baby will feel wearing it. Absorbency is only one part of the comfort equation. The thinness of the nappy and the breathability of the material used to make it are equally important.

Thinner is definitely more comfortable - it's just an indisputable fact of life. Would you rather wear thin underpants, or have a thick, bulky layer of cloth hanging in between your legs all day long? Exactly! So please choose thin nappies for your baby. GOO.N, Merries and Moony nappies are up to 30% thinner than regular nappies without sacrificing any absorbency power.

Now onto breathability of the nappy material. Try wearing a plastic glove on your hand with a tight rubber band around it to keep it airtight. Your hand is going to get pretty sweaty and start to feel gross in a matter of minutes. Covering your baby's bottom with a regular nappy is just as uncomfortable because the material doesn't breathe. GOO.N, Merries and Moony nappies are different - they are made from breathable materials that help regulate moisture levels around your baby's delicate skin.

If the comfort of your baby is important to you (and let's hope it is), then give GOO.N, Merries and Moony nappies a try!